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The exposure to M or higher concentrations of cadmium substantially decreased cell viability compared together with the corresponding manage at every time level . In contrast with the control, granulosa cell numbers manifested no substantially transform just after treatment with . g ml quercetin for h. Nevertheless, treatment with larger concentration of quercetin resulted in an evident reduce in cell amount and via bility . In addition, incubation with as much as g quercetin ml for h elicited no marked modify in cell morphology . Apart from the major lower in cell amount and viability right after cadmium treatment, several granulosa cells showed condensed nuclei and vacuolated cytoplasm following incubation with M cadmium . Then again, simultaneous treatment with quercetin significantly attenuated the cadmiuminduced cytotoxicity to sustain cell integrity and viability , even though quercetin alone had no major impact on cell morphology . On top of that, granulosa cell numbers were partially maintained by quercetin .
Effect of quercetin on cadmium induced alterations in antioxidant status The MDA level and SOD and GSH Px pursuits had been established to reflect intracellular antioxidant standing. Just after incubation with M cadmium for h, MDA production with the cultured granulosa cells was improved significantly . Having said that, compared with M cadmium group, the MDA production was decreased drastically within the presence of quercetin . SOD and GSH Px routines displayed a significant reduce just after MAP2K1 inhibitor kinase inhibitor therapy with Mcadmium for h . Likewise, quercetin supplementation drastically restored the SOD and GSH Px actions in granulosa cells . Result of quercetin on cadmium induced BAX, BCL and XIAP expression The expression of BAX and BCL proteins and XIAP mRNA was evaluated being a measure of cell apoptosis. Western blot analysis showed that remedy with cadmium for h increased BAX expression and inhibited BCL expression during the cultured granulosa cells. Then again, this action was restored by combined therapy with . g ml quercetin . The mRNA expression of XIAP was related to BCL expression .
Effect of quercetin on cadmium induced cell apoptosis Following detection of upregulated apoptosis linked genes, granulosa cell apoptosis was observed after Hoechst staining. Publicity on the cells to cadmium at and M for h led to marked morphological changes. The cells of the handle group appeared normal with round and homogenous nuclei, whereas cadmium treated cells exhibited common features of apoptosis this kind of as plasma membrane Doxorubicin blebbing, cell shrinkage and nuclei chromatin condensation. The fluorescence intensity of cell staining with Hoechst indicated the untreated cells displayed evenly dispersed chromatin structures .

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