(Mark Twain (1835–1910): Pudd’nhead Wilson; 1894) CONCLUSION Give

(Mark Twain (1835–1910): Pudd’nhead Wilson; 1894) CONCLUSION Given the current understanding of emotional eating and stress, the evidence that humor may be effectively used to reduce stress, even by those for whom laughing off problems does not come easily, and the need for effective coping strategies, we propose humor to be the new régime du jour. Despite the complexity of eating behavior, because emotion may play such an important role in people’s eating habits and behaviors—especially if they

are “emotional eaters”—we hypothesize that Inhibitors,research,lifescience,medical influencing the way emotions and anxiety are managed could have positive effects on eating behavior. Humor has been shown to have numerous positive physiologic effects, one of the strongest of which is in helping people cope with stress. We therefore hypothesize that strategic and purposeful use of humor may provide a useful tool for those individuals in whom stress and anxiety trigger eating of highly palatable foods. This hypothesis is not yet tested; however, we believe Inhibitors,research,lifescience,medical it to be one that merits Inhibitors,research,lifescience,medical further investigation as it could provide a useful and flexible new tool in the arsenal of those individuals struggling to maintain or return to a healthy weight. Because this area

has not yet been investigated, this hypothesis needs rigorous scientific investigation. Furthermore, it should be noted that there are several caveats inherent in this research. The use of self-report questionnaires in the study Inhibitors,research,lifescience,medical of both emotional eating and humor is subject to bias. The cross-cultural effects of humor have not yet been well studied, but must of course be taken into account. In addition, the promotion of other coping strategies, especially those that involve physical exercise, is extremely important to the health and habitus of “emotional eaters,” but perhaps less practical for those times in the middle of the working day when people may

feel overcome with stress but Inhibitors,research,lifescience,medical unable to leave their desks. In summary, obesity is a multifactorial condition of epidemic proportion across much of the developed world and for which treatment is disappointing. We suggest that humor be investigated as an additional therapy especially among GPX6 obese people with stress-induced emotional eating problems. Abbreviations: CHS Coping Humor Scale; CSF cerebrospinal fluid; HPA hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal; HSQ Humor Styles Questionnaire; MSHS Multidimensional Sense of Humor Scale; SHRQ Situational Humor Response Questionnaire. Footnotes PLX4032 mw Conflict of interest: No potential conflict of interest relevant to this article was reported.
Twenty-six patients diagnosed with AS were included in our study. All patients were referred to the Northern Israel Oncology Center following inguinal orchiectomy due to typical seminoma and the radiological diagnosis of AS, between 1989 and 2010. All patients underwent physical and neurological examinations.

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