By contrast, Augmented Reality (AR) is a VR-like technology that

By contrast, Augmented Reality (AR) is a VR-like technology that presents to the user synthetically generated information superimposed onto the real world [7]. That is, AR is an expansion of the real world selleck kinase inhibitor Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries achieved by projecting virtual elements onto it [8]. AR simply enhances the real environment, whereas VR replaces it. AR can be utilized in areas such as urban and landscape planning [9], manufacturing [10], medicine [11], defense [12], tourism [13] and education [14], among others.In the agricultural field scientific literature some authors have presented works employing VR over Geographics Information Systems (GIS), see for example Lin et al. [15] and Rovira-Mas et al. [16]. These papers present systems to acquire information from the environment with stereovision devices, store the information in a GIS system and then reconstruct the environment with 3D visualization.

The scientific literature that employs AR in agriculture is more reduced, see for example Min et al. [17] and Vidal et al. [18].We have developed and tested an agricultural guidance system that uses AR technology. This paper presents Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries this system and the visual results obtained. Moreover, in the Discussion section, this paper presents the evolution of guidance Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries techniques in agriculture, which predicts the use of AR technology in future agricultural systems.2.?Description of the Guidance SystemThe guidance system is composed of a software application that runs over a hardware system. The application acquires information from some hardware sensors, processes this information and presents a video of it on eye monitor glasses.

The hardware and software of Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries this system are described in this section.2.1. System HardwareThere is a hardware implementation that is employed when the user is driving the tractor, which we call ��tractor equipment��. There is another hardware implementation employed when the user is walking around the land. We call it ��exterior equipment��. Figure 1 shows the components and disposition of both implementations.Figure 1.Hardware of the system. (a) ��Tractor equipment��, the hardware of the system when the user is inside the tractor cab. (b) ��Exterior equipment��, the hardware of the system when the tractor driver is outside the tractor cab. …A GPS receiver was used for positioning the user on the land and, therefore, to locate the video camera that obtains the user��s vision field.

A Novatel Smart Antenna V1 that provides 5 Hz update positioning frequency was used in the experiments of this paper.A Vuzix iWear VR 920 eye display was employed to present to the user the Entinostat information generated by the developed guidance system. This device integrates a 3-Degree of Freedom (DOF) digital compass.A Genius VideoCAM more information Slim USB2 camera attached to the tractor cab was employed to obtain the user��s vision field when he was driving the tractor.

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